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The following disclaimer and conditions of use apply to the entire Xennia website, and to Xennia emails sent by Xennia staff:

  1. In this disclaimer the following terms shall have the following meanings:
    The Xennia website: each webpage hosted on the domain that includes a hyperlink to this disclaimer, with the intention of having this disclaimer apply to it;
    Xennia emails(s): an email sent by a member of staff of Xennia Technology Limited with email address;
    Use(s): including downloading, logging in, requesting, consulting, reading, looking at, listening to, processing, completing (forms), sending, (temporarily) copying, saving, forwarding, distributing, making use of services, performing legal acts (e.g. buying or renting);
    User: the natural or legal persons, who may or may not be represented, who use the Xennia website and/or read Xennia emails;
    The contents: including texts, images, hyperlinks, sound and/or video fragments and/or other objects;
    Loss: direct or indirect loss of whatever nature, including lost data and items, loss of sales, profit or other economic loss.
  2. By using the Xennia website or by reading Xennia emails you acknowledge having read and understood this disclaimer and agree to the terms thereof.
  3. Xennia endeavours to regularly bring up to date and/or supplement the contents of the webpage. Despite this care and attention, it is possible that the contents may be incomplete and/or incorrect.
  4. Xennia presents the contents of the webpage in their actual state without guarantee or safeguard in respect of their reliability, suitability for a particular purpose or otherwise.
  5. Xennia is not liable for any harm that is caused or that threatens to be caused and that arises from or has in any respect a connection with the use of the webpage or with inability to consult the webpage.
  6. Xennia may alter or discontinue the webpage or have this altered or discontinued at its own discretion and at any moment that it chooses, with or without prior notification. Xennia is not liable for the consequences of any such alteration or discontinuation.
  7. Xennia is not responsible or liable for the contents of any files of third parties that appear to be linked to the webpage. Linking does not imply authentication of such files.
  8. Unauthorized or improper use of the Xennia website or the contents thereof may constitute an infringement of intellectual property law, regulations with respect to privacy, publication and/or communication in the widest sense of the word. You are responsible for everything which you send from the Xennia website.
  9. Xennia retains the right to deny you permission to use the webpage and/or to make use of certain services that are provided on the webpage. In addition to this, the editor may monitor access to the Xennia website.
  10. Information in Xennia emails should be treated as commercially confidential and legally privileged. It is intended only for the person(s) named as the recipient(s). If you have received a message in error, please immediately notify us and delete it. Any dissemination, distribution, copying, disclosure or use of a message or its contents unless authorised by Xennia Technology Limited is strictly prohibited. Xennia cannot guarantee the integrity or suitability of a message for your computer. Business e-mails are sent to you subject to our standard terms of business. The views expressed by the author of the message are not necessarily those of Xennia Technology Limited. When the content of a Xennia e-mail is a personal message, the sender is not acting in his/her capacity as a director or employee of Xennia Technology Limited.


The copyright on the contents of the Xennia website, all documents that are offered for download and the contents of Xennia emails belong to Xennia Technology Limited. All rights are retained. The information on the Xennia website, including text, presentations, figures and images may not be reproduced, distributed or stored without the prior written permission of Xennia, unless the contrary is stated. Making alterations to the contents of the Xennia website is expressly forbidden.

Logos and brands

Unless otherwise stated, all the brands and logos depicted on the Xennia website or in Xennia emails are the registered and non-registered brand names and trademarks of Xennia Technology Limited.

Viruses and other destructive programs

Xennia does its utmost to keep the Xennia website and Xennia emails free of viruses. It is your responsibility to take precautionary measures and to ensure that everything you select for use is free of viruses, 'worms', 'Trojan horses' and other items of a destructive nature.


Xennia Technology Limited may amend these conditions of use at any time by adapting this notification. You are bound by these amendments and should therefore visit this page regularly in order to read the conditions of use then in force by which you are bound.

If a competent court considers a clause in these conditions of use not legally valid or non-practicable, the invalid clauses in the conditions of use are considered to have been removed from the conditions of use and the remaining clauses of the conditions of use remain in full force.

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